Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod

Published in Detail review on 26th January 2019

Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod ReviewProduct Introduction

Have you thought of that perfect vacation with you and your family at the lake side, where you might be catching fresh fish and someone would be ready to prepare a yummy dish out of that fresh catch? Everyone plans vacations but tend to get out of option due to lack of needed objects for a successful and entertaining vacation. There are many people who love to sit beside a lake when out with family. What adds zing to this set up is a fishing rod. You may have seen many fishing rods but with some or the other drawbacks in it. Also it is no easy task to find the perfect fishing rod which can help you catch the biggest of the biggest fish without any inconvenience. In this excerpt, we will be talking about the Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod which has been boasting about its efficiency with the positive reviews that it has got from the users who have bought it till date. This topic surely attracts those many eye balls that have been finding the best fishing rod all this while.

Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod ReviewProduct Details

The Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod is one of the best fishing rods available in the market. The quality and the brand names say it all with all the positive reviews backing the points made by the company. The Tica Surf Fishing Road is made of high modulus graphite construction and can take up to a whole lot of weight. What makes it even more special is the usage of the high grade titanium run guides. Also the FUJI aluminum oxide ring tip top guide makes it yet another point to go for this high-end fishing rod without any doubt. The other aspect of this fishing rod is the TICA APS graphite reel seat. If you are worrying about the fact that the rod might slip out of your hands while fishing, then do not worry as it has the best and the superior non-slip cork tape handle making your fishing experience a lot of easier and better. The best part about this rod is that it is extremely light weight. The new light tackle surf rods designed for surf perch, salmon and stripers makes this rod a top notch higher than its counterparts. This product certainly has everything that is needed to have that perfect fishing experience without the hassle of carrying anything separately. This rod is multipurpose, eliminating the need of carrying two three rods at a time. The price of this fishing rod is $69.90 for one. Those wanting to buy two at a time can get both in $179.00. This is under a deal, helping you get a good discount while buying two at a time.

Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod ReviewAdvantages

The more you use this rod, the more you will fall in love with this rod as it has everything that is needed to get your first fishing experience right. If you have not used any rod ever, not to worry as this is extremely easy to use with all the required guidelines and ways to use it inside the product package. Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod has everything that is needed in as perfect fishing rod and can beat any similar product in the market with its brand backing.


There are no such disadvantages associated with this fishing rod as it has everything that a fishing rod should have.


Those planning a fishing trip anytime soon, don’t go without getting this perfect set of fishing rod in your hands. Grab your fishing rod now and have a happy trip!


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