Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod

Published in Detail review on 21st January 2019

Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod ReviewProduct Introduction

Fishing if pursued with great zeal and enthusiasm can turn out to be really an enjoyable affair. From economic perspectives, fishing industry has greatly contributed to the world economy. It turns out to be a basic occupation of several countries around the globe. Seas, rivers and lakes are flooded with several and different types of fishing. Hence it becomes essential to choose and purchase specific fishing equipments. Fishing is generally done with the help of trolling or fishing rods. There are several brands across nations that manufacture different types of trolling or fishing rods that meet up different specifications, needs, functions, etc…, effectively. Hurricane Tackle is a renowned fishing equipment manufacturer that majorly excels in manufacturing salt water fishing equipments.

Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod” is an excellent offering by Hurricane Tackle. This rod exceptionally stands out with its strong finish and built. Hurricane Tackle ensures to develop its fishing equipments in a way that they are capable of working in any situation. Since the fishes cannot be completely controlled, it sometimes leads to difficult situations for the user to control his or her fishing rod while fishing. But with Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod the user would be at complete ease. This trolling rod is developed for surf fishing. It is one of the finest fishing rods used for saltwater fishing. It can be used by anyone for fishing in rivers and lakes. With stainless steel metal frame, Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod ensures to perform in most durable manner.

Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod ReviewProduct Details

Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod is quite renowned overseas. It is one of the widely selling trolling rods of Hurricane Tackle. This rod can be easily availed at fishing equipments showroom. Spanning to a length of 10 feet and 12 feet, Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod comprises of the most advanced features and specifications required for fishing in saltwater. The rod is equipped with seven aluminum oxide guides. This guides aid in facilitating a smooth line movement and control to the user. There is a stainless steel cushioned hoods as well which makes it strong, sturdy and durable while fishing. With 22 inches cork handle, the user can easily handle and hold this fishing rod ensuring strong grip. The graphite reel seat in Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod is quite sturdy and full of grip. This two piece fishing rod is actually made for saltwater fishing. This rod comes with a warranty of 90 days. The power of handling and catching fishes is medium. Hence it is suitable for fishing in saltwater, river and lakes. Weighing from 6 lbs to 20 lbs, Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod can be easily handled by kids, adults and youth. Trout and red fish species of fishes can be well caught with the help of Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod. There is a double dipped E-Glass blank in Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod. Equipped with high end features, the rod is resistant to water, scratch and corrosion.

Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod ReviewAdvantages

  1. Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod is made up of sturdy frame.
  2. Made up of high end technical features, Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod is resistant to corrosion, scratch, water, etc…,
  3. Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod is available in different lengths; that is 10 feet and 12 feet. Hence, it would be easy for the user to select the perfect one.
  4. The rod is received in a dismantled condition. By reading the instructions, the user can easily assemble his or her fishing rod.
  5. The manual and guides are drafted in an appropriate manner. It comprises of every instruction that is required during fishing.
  6. The process of operating this trolling rod is very simple and easy. Hence it is very easy for beginners to operate it.


There is no scope of disadvantage.


Hurricane BB2 2 Piece Surf Rod can be purchased easily via retail stores or e-commerce websites. The rod is acclaimed and renowned amongst the masses. It can be well relied for salt water fishing, especially red fish and trout species.


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